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Learning to dive, the facts not the hype.

Learn to Dive

In this post we strip away the sales hype and look at who can learn to dive and the process involved.

So firstly let's look at who can learn to dive.
Broadly speaking anybody over 8 years of age, who is in reasonable health and comfortable in the water.
Lets look at this in detail:-

  • Age, we can start teaching students from 8 years old in the swimming pool as part of the Seal Team dive club but you can't become fully qualified till you are 10 years old.
  • Reasonable Health, there are some health conditions that could put you at risk whilst diving, so we have a medical questionnaire that identifies the most common risks. If you fit into one of the risk groups it does not mean you can't dive, it just means you should seek the advice of your GP before starting, just in case. Medical Questionnaire.
  • Comfortable in the Water, you don't have to be a strong swimmer all we need you to do is swim 400m non stop (any stroke and no time limit) and either float or tread water for 10 minutes.

What's involved in the course.
The course is split into 3 sections giving you the knowledge, skills and experience to dive safely.
  • Knowledge Development, diving can be dangerous to the un-trained we limit the dangers by understand what what they are and how to avoid them. This section can be done in two ways:-
    • Textbook and 5 classroom sessions, normally conducted over two days finishing with a formal exam conducted by or instructor.
    • On-line eLearning conducted at your own pace with regular assessment, this is then followed by a quick quiz with your instructor normally at the open water dive site.
  • Swimming Pool Dives, this is where you learn the skills we all use during every dive. We break everything down into small manageable chunks and when you have mastered each of them we start to put them together into a dive.
  • Open Water Dives, you've done all the learning in the swimming pool so these sessions are all about putting what you have learnt together in the real world and demonstrating to your instructor that you have mastered the skills and are safe and comfortable.

Still worried it may not be for you?
PADI do an experience called
"Discover Scuba Diving", it is an informal dive in the Swimming Pool where we introduce you to some of the basic skill involved. The cost is minimal and is an ideal link to the Open Water course as the dive in this experience is the same as firs dive in the Open Water course.

What should I look for in a supplier?
Price isn't everything! The cheaper suppliers tend to keep their costs down by teaching in large groups and cramming everything into 3 sessions. This is OK for some people as it gets you qualified quickly, BUT does this allow you to absorb the information and become a confident and safe diver?

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Covid-19 Information (16th April 21).

Keeping you safe...

Our first consideration as always is your safety, in an effort to ensure this all our training will be undertaken in line with the industry best standards.

  • Out training group sizes will be strictly limited to 4 students and two PADI professionals.
  • All equipment will be washed, sterilised between uses and stored in a well ventilated area for at least 36hrs before re-use.
  • If you are undertaking a course that takes more than one session your equipment will be issued to you at the start of the course and you will be asked to keep it and care for it between sessions, thus eliminating any chance of cross infection.
  • Unfortunately numbers in our pool facility and at dive sites are strictly limited at this time to allow for social distancing therefore may not be possible to allow spectators.
  • All students will be expected to observe social distancing, unless from the same cohort.
  • All students will be expected to use face coverings when not in the water.
  • At the moment the changing rooms at our pool facility and open water site are not open, so you will need to change waterside.
  • Divers are asked NOT to clear masks by spitting, anti fog will be supplied free of charge at out sanitising station.
  • All entry level courses booked after the 18th of April include a brand new diving mask and where required snorkel for you to keep again ensuring you are the only person using your equipment.