PADI Bubblemaker

1 to 1 childrens scuba diving experience.

PADI Bubblemaker Experience Dive.

The PADI Bubblemaker scuba diving experience is the perfect entry for young or anxious children, it’s a one-on-one diver with one of our experienced PADI professionals. 
In safety or our heated pool in Havant we will explain the equipment and how to use it then it’s off diving. 
Beyond explaining the equipment there is no fixed format to this experience, it will be directly driven by your child’s comfort and confidence.
This experience is ideal if your child wants to join the
PADI Seal Team Children’s Scuba Diving Club, as it allows everybody to assess if the club is suitable without the cost of the PADI materials.
As this is a one to one session we schedule a session as requested and it is therefore not available to book via our online store, if you want to book a session please either email us at or give us a call on 01243 202200.

The Bubblemaker costs just £55 for one on one 35 minute session.

Tel. 01243 202200

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